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Welcome provides practical training in Microcontroller systems and embedded Microsystems design. We provide a cost-effective and practical training that enables engineers design and develop production-ready electronic systems. Our course is aimed at providing engineers who have never been able to harness the power of embedded Microsystems gain the ability to create.

Our main focus includes:

  • Embedded Microsystems design, development and programming
  • Training in microcontroller systems and embedded micro system design.
  • Standalone solutions.
  • Internet-based solutions.


Microcontrollers and Embedded systems Design Training

Microcontroller & Embedded System [AVR/PIC/8051]

Advanced microcontroller programming & Embedded system design

Microcontroller with open source Embedded platform [Arduino]

Introduction to C for Embedded system

Electronics circuit and PCB design.

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My experiances and projects:

  • Fire detection & automatic message transmission system.
  • RFID Access control system for wiegand protocol.


Articles & tutorials about microcontroller programming(AVR,8051), electronics ,web programming (PHP,javascript), desktop programming(.net, vb-6) & lots of more.

Contact Me

I appreciate correspondence from people who like my work, those wishing to hire me for a contract job, need assistance or who just feel the need to send me a message.