Wireless Notice Board

Nowadays advertisement is going digital. Previously notices are showed using a paper stick to the notice board with glues, and it’s annoying to remove and attach notice with glue.  But now with the advanced technology, we can now show notice with digital displays like LCD, LED, Graphical displays etc. We can display anything we want like Alphanumeric texts, symbols, graphics etc.

Presently almost all electronic notice boards are designed using a wired system. One of the drawbacks of the design is the system is inflexible in term of placement. The common notice board cannot be placed anywhere because of the messy wire. That’s why the idea came named Wireless Notice Board. This Wireless Notice Board project mainly focuses on the transmission of textual data through wirelessly by the use of GSM through asynchronous serial communication.

A GSM module is used here for the wireless notice board to send the information or message to display. The main aim of this project is to save time and provide information urgently on display for the customers. It can be used for multiple purposes like we can share live share market news, we can send buses or trains timetable to display, we can show lectures timetable and important information for students and for the teacher in school and college.

The block diagram of the project is divided into two parts

  1.  GSM Module
  2.  Controller Module

Main Module

The Main Module consists of

  1.  Microcontroller
  2.  MAX232 Circuit
  3.  EEPROM
  4.  Microsoft HyperTerminal

Working procedure:

n this circuit GSM module and a 16×2 LCD display is used for receiving message and display message respectively. When any urgent information is to share with more people this system works perfectly. When anyone wants to show any information or message, then sender sends an SMS to GSM Module. Then Arduino reads the GSM module and sends it to the LCD. This project can be improved by using a larger display module.

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