SMS based pump controller

This pump control system is based on GSM network technology for transmission of SMS from sender to receiver. SMS sending and receiving is used for ubiquitous access of appliances and allowing breach control at home. The system proposes two sub-systems. Pump control subsystem enables the user to control pump remotely whereas the security alert subsystem provides the remote security monitoring. The system is capable enough to instruct user via SMS from a specific cell number to change the condition of the pump according to the user’s needs and requirements. The second aspect is that of security alert which is achieved in a way that on the detection of intrusion the system allows automatic generation of SMS thus alerting the user against security risk.

Hardware requirements:

  • GSM Module
  • Arduino
  • Pump/Motor
  • Regulated Power Supply 

Software requirement:

  • Arduino IDE

Working procedure:

When a user sent an SMS to turn on the pump, GSM Module receives the SMS and decodes it to machine language & turns the pump on & vice versa. It also provides security of the pump. Whenever the pump is on, a feedback signal to the controller & the controller sent an alert SMS to you that help you to secure your pump.

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